Step 1: Parent Meets with a Discipleship Facilitator

A parent, or guardian, meets with one of our Discipleship Facilitators, in person or by phone, to go through our Essentials for Spiritual Growth process.

Step 2: Parent Meets with Their Child

After going through the Essentials for Spiritual Growth process, the parent begins going through the same process with their own child or teenager.

Step 3: Parent becomes a Discipleship Facilitator to other Parents

After processing the Essentials for Spiritual Growth with their child, the parent becomes a Discipleship Facilitator with other parents.

Percentage of kids who disconnect from church by age 15

Percentage of youth leave the church after their freshman year of college

Percentage of married couples who were both evangelicals whom also had kids who were evangelical

Percentage of parents to whom God gave the primary job of passing on their faith to their children

About 4Gens

In an age when most ministries are about explosive growth; 4Gens takes a different approach. Instead of seeking large crowds, we focus on one-on-one relationships enabling Discipleship Facilitators to pass on what they've learn to others. 4Gens is a pure discipleship model. The same method Jesus used with his disciples.
  • 2007

    4Gens was Born in 2007

    4Gens started at Woodmen Valley Chapel in response to parent’s disengaging with child’s spiritual growth. 4Gens' main focus was on equipping parents in a one-on-one format so the parents could equip their children. 4Gens started purposefully small by discipling four women and four men through the Essentials for Spiritual Growth

  • 2010

    Growing Slowly on Purpose

    Ministry grows to eleven parents in Colorado Springs and two in Minnesota. Added PrayerMats as a tool for the prayer section of the Essentials for Spiritual Growth. Further developed methodology for reaching future generations (Exodus 20:5b). Added the “baton” of faith as a concept with a real baton and letter inside as the physical representation.

  • 2012

    Expanding Reach

    Expanded vision to help a parent reach their great-grandchildren (4th generation) for Christ. Added second church in Colorado Springs as a partner and added first parent in Texas. First children discipled by parents. Created first video showing results of an equipped parent meeting with a child. Converted the Essentials for Spiritual Growth to electronic format.

  • 2014

    Multiplying Mentors

    Incorporated 4Gens as a non-profit organization 501(c)3. Added new church in Minneapolis to drive 4Gens forward. Facilitated new parents remotely across the United States, and brought our first international participant (Japan) online. Modified focus to work to equip Millennials in passing on a legacy of faith to their children and to their generation. Added Life Coaching certification to assist disciplees with life issues they are facing. Added prayer journal tool to “Prayer” section.

  • 2015

    4Gens Tools

    Leveraging technology to create tools based upon Essentials to equip parents to create conversation and pass on faith to their children.


4Gens Tools are a set of resources designed to help parents and children through the 4Gens process. Tools ranges from the Essentials for Spiritual Growth workbooks to batons to leave a legacy with the next generation. Take some time to discover unique tools you won't find anywhere else.


4Gens Spiritual Coaching

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Life Coaching during Spiritual Coaching
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4Gens Life Coaching

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4Gens Blog

Tips, tools, and experience in passing on a spiritual legacy.
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